echoing chthonic

for a moment I was left to wonder

if i was holding her or a seashell

the way secrets echoed from her 

when she parted her lips for a kiss


Nostalgic in advance of all that I’m living now, I want the time to hault

Misery stricken, I want to cease existing

Sob or cry or maybe just suffocate to this that seems stuck in my throat

Wither away like the petals of an aged flower, with a gust of wind and never to be found again

Go numb to the sun, the warmth or the light

Curl up and die in self infesting sadness

Cling to home and fuse into its belongingness and disappear into it

Cry out the heaviness through the walls of my heart

Fly away like smoke, and dissolve into the universe

Or simply liberate


as our words kept on romancing in their own sublimity, too far from the shades of reality

my heart kept on jumping from its place, in wayward desires to surrender to her

the short moments of wisdom before falling in love kept me gripped and suppressed

once the heart leaves, i know, if it ever returns, it will be shattered to bits, and its every piece badly bruised.

despite it not being your job, you will forever be blamed for not thinking

hear me dear heart, stay still, and stay unhurt.

Close But Distant

Distance, shrouds all that threatens your beauty in my conscience.

Distance blurs what limits my greatness in your perception.

Distance, hides the ugly scars that we both carry, hiding from eyes.

Distance, has kept the glow of sun reflecting in the shine of the moon.

The sun is not aware of the dark patches that the moon carry.

The moon does not know amidst its warmth the sun harbours coldness too.

Distance elevates refuge. Distance is our shelter from the shallowness.

In love if we ever fall, in distance shall we find our eternity.


lost in the lies of world,
she asks me a true story to tell.

her own beauty blemished in the air of her world, she asks me to speak of beauty.

wearing the most enchanting smile ever, she asks me to teach her magic.

speaking in her ever mellifluous voice, she enquires about the song of birds.

living a life, something very last before death, she whispers me her fear of graveyards.