Writing Henceforth on Medium

It is to announce my unexisting audience that I shall be writing henceforth on medium.com under a gorgeous blog I chose to name Lost In Metaphors. Because that is what I am, most of the lifetime. Lost. In metaphors.

Medium iz a gorgeous place, the focus on writing, the presentation, the concern, the payment. Two places you should always visit for their beauty, Switzerland and Medium.

Now, watch out for my dramatic departure:


But since “auf wiedersehen” means ‘till I see you again” and since I never wish to see you again here.

or ma’am, for that matter.



Fallacy Of Love

I rubbish it what they say, that there are soulmates and one true love. You and I have the tendency to fall in love every time we meet a new soul, if the approach is made right and both are walking in at least a similar direction, if not the same.

What does it take to fall in love after all? A heart. Simple. What women posses, other from materialism, has ample power to make any man surrender to it: beauty, and the very fact of her being a woman. Men who refuse otherwise, are well, either keeping themselves too conserved or try to force modesty into even fields where it doesn’t fit. Love is one of the prime essences of life, and lust, the essence behind love; love between man and a woman that is.

Lust has its own affair, lust is what completes love. After all what keeps lovers joined when every curtain has been fallen and every secrets has been uncloaked is the subtle presence of lust in the air love. The relation of men and women is the most sacred mystery we’ve ever been able to create. To our dismay, we rarely ever have accepted it in its truest essence. We have made almost a taboo out of what serves a meaning for the mere existence such opposite forces.

When there is nothing you can do about anything, changing your thinking towards it is the only option you’re left with.

And at the end,

When it comes to speaking your understanding out, everyone has a choice: a choice to agree or disagree at their own will. You shouldn’t refrain from doing so.